Whether you whisper or scream your volume is swallowed by the majestic of the Grand Canyon. I sat next to my husband and watched our shadows throw us further against the etched walls of the cliff and seemingly a part of its design. We held hands and a flood of happy filled my soul. I began creating a sacred space away from public opinion, void of grief to heal. As we wound our way to the higher peaks, my mind at rest started to accept receiving vs. doing.

A few years ago, God gave me these words, “ring of fire.” I couldn’t understand it then beyond a wall of fire in Zechariah or a Johnny Cash song. I knew of God’s protection within the flamed walls but never comprehended the agonizing depth of my own physical and emotional pain these words would give.

In a Navajo jewelry shop that I promise you, had no “real imitation” jewelry, I learned of a Native American healing ritual. The fire dance was performed when all other healing failed. I am neither Navajo or confident enough to dance around open flames. The Italian heritage and Girl Scout in me was more of a fireside serenade/s’mores dance off. But simply put, their healing happened in the dance and culminated in the release. 

My healing process was found without ceremony and wasn’t instantaneous. A dear friend reminded me that miracles happen – we need only look for them. Like the miracle of fish and loaves performed by Jesus, but experienced in the hands of a hungry crowd. They only realized after they were audience to a sermon by God’s Son and witness to a miracle. 

Sometimes, we are so lost in the storm and exhausted efforts to withstand the forces of nature alone, we miss the rainbow after. Or believe somehow, that a mountaintop, panoramic vista gives clear view of the miracle. 

What if in the mundane, we glimpsed the majestic? In the simple pleasures of this glorious life, we allowed happiness to become part of a sacred space? You don’t need anyone to define your happiness or validate your existence.

Life itself is a miracle. With every breath, you experience God’s creation of you. In a fearless pursuit of His best, you’re building a celestial country, your sacred space. You’re free to stand still to hear God’s voice and see yourself in your Daddy’s eyes. Beautiful, perfectly flawed, and richly steeped in His love.