Have you ever watched someone lose the vision for their life? Like a tire that goes flat, it’s not from a sudden burst but rather, a slow leak. There’s so much about our world right now that ransacks our spirit, leaving interrupted dreams. Fear thrives in lonely, tight places.

Maybe you thought because you knew more scripture than most, that you’d never drop into a pit and have to claw your way out. As if somehow, being a mature Christian grants immunity from certain pain.

Have faith in the provider.

When I think on the times that I’ve cried out to God in the valley of despair not once did I hear. “Precious child, my grace is insufficient or you’ll have to go at this alone. I can’t supply what you need.”

Trust the healing process.

Never once, before showing compassion, did Jesus lean down and say, “Pinky swear, promise you’ll stop sinning first.” Or even, “Go! Clean yourself up and hurry back, because I’m going to spit in some dirt and rub it on your face to heal you.” No my friends, Jesus was moved with compassion because He saw the hurting soul. 

Your today may feel hopeless because yesterday’s flood of regrets has your tomorrow drowning you in depression. God loves you as you are. He delights in you. Grab his hand. Feel the force as he breaks down those impenetrable walls of suffering. And in this spacious place where praying is like breathing, your soul will heal.

He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me. Psalm 18:19