Healing happens mind, body, soul, and spirit. It occurs separate or in tandem, instantaneous or an agonizingly slow process. Hurt and pain have a way of defying timelines to show up in your present moment. It makes moving feel like you’re treading through muddy memories.

Wellness for myself and others, has been my adult life focus. I’ve watched the emotional devastation 2020 brought and I find myself deep in meditation as a release from the overwhelming suffering. My promise had been to hold space for my family and friends. A shift happened to me two weeks ago and I felt a release from what had been holding me.

Meditation and prayer don’t always come easy to me. I have quite a bit of mind chatter. On no particular day or without any prompting, “It’s time to move on” was all I heard in my mind. Then it became clear to me, this wasn’t only for me but for those I was holding space for as well.

Emotional wellness begins with identifying those isolating distortions and twisted narratives you’ve accepted. It’s practicing self-compassion for all areas of your body and mind.

Physical healing begins by appreciating this container of your skin that houses a beautiful soul. Exercise is vital. What you eat is critical. But what you expose your spirit to is as equally important. Hear me, I don’t care so much what goes in your mouth right now, but what comes out. That’s the wellspring of the heart. Stepping away from your “feed” will nourish your spirit.

We often take two steps and collapse, crawling back to where we began. Next time you feel that, I pray God carries you forward from a momentary despair to His eternal hope. You can and will overcome! Not by staying within this “virtual/no touch/6 feet/mask” fragmented reality because shattered emotions tear the spirit. Acceptance of our brokenness makes us whole. I pray you sense in your spirit, there is healing in the midst of it all – mind, body, soul, & spirit.